LALELE, LALELE - prima premieră a anului la MACAZ
CinePOLSKA – filme poloneze la București
PEOPLE OF ROMANIA se lansează la galeria Simeza
All Stars For Outernational
La drum cu tata, un road movie plin de candoare, din 3 februarie în cinematografe

VEIOZA STUDIO is a Bucharest based video production crew providing high-end video production services for individuals and non-profit organizations, companies or other entities in order to sustain our main project - presents itself as an on-line television focusing on alternative visual arts, performative arts, music and film. Each video production is a media experiment that stands as a cultural document.

You can find us at:

004 0752 329 507
004 0740 034 528

Veioza Studio has put together a dynamic collaboration between artists, illustrators, video makers, sound engineers and other professionals in order to provide high quality video content in Bucharest and other Romanian regions. We are also collaborating with Studio 88 for offering a whole range of audio services, including voice recordings, soundtracks, audio illustrations, radio commercials and voice over.

We know how to approach each project of every scale and genre, from single-camera studio interviews, to multi-camera event shots. We are here to help you launch a new product, promote your image, communicate your vision, or share your story.