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Paul du Lac @ Dalles

de veiozaarte  |  23 aprilie, 2011  |  0 comentarii

„The Netherlands’ west coast is like an island in time. Nowhere else is the memory of classic house, techno, electro, and disco more fondly treasured and kept alive, nowhere else do these classic dance music styles constantly serve as blueprints for new and exciting productions.

Paul du Lac is a prime protagonist of this movement. The Rotterdam based DJ and producer was signed to Clone Records for his enthusiastically received ‘Kira / Bingo’ and ‘Blowback’ singles, which featured rough and authentic house music – full of soul, timeless in their appreciation of the genre’s past, yet perfectly compatible with modern day dance-floors.” — Zero”

Deep house/techno dj & producer, Paul du Lac fools around the Dutch underground since the early nineties. Influenced ever since by Detroit/Chicago house & techno music, he recently started releasing his own music (, much in the vein of his dj-sets: deep, raw, and jacking.

Video show by NaN.

Salla Dalles –
Intrarea 15 lei

Supported by the Kingdom of Netherlands
Provoked by Grolsch
Organized by 4Play & ShortsUP


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