La drum cu tata, un road movie plin de candoare, din 3 februarie în cinematografe
Made in RO - Târg de design românesc, ediția #8
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Food & fun la Piua - 28 de ateliere pentru copii și părinți
Latin American Film & Experience in Bucharest - Un festival ca o fiesta! 14-18 Septembrie 2016

Roman Tolici, SIMVLACRVM – Grand Opening of MOBIUS GALLERY

de Veioza Arte  |  12 octombrie, 2015

„We live in an age where we are subjected to simulacra in all aspects of life, in communication, in ideology, in the economy, in the media and the environment, in nutrition, in emotion, in art. […] I tried to express this new truth of the post-modern age, which is that there is no truth.” (Roman Tolici)


One World Romania, 2014 - Interview with Susanna Helke

de Veioza Arte

- director of American Vagabond - How can one be gay in Middle America? When James’s father does not accept his homosexuality,...

One World Romania, 2014 - Interviu cu Marcel Lozinski

de Veioza Arte

Marcel Lozinski s-a nascut in 1940 la Paris. Inainte sa se inscrie la Scoala de Film din Łódź in 1967, Lozinski a absolvit...

One World Romania, 2014 - Interview with Filip Remunda

de Veioza Arte

- co-director of "Free Smetana" - With a permanent marker in hand, Olomouc bus driver Roman Smetana takes on the corruption...

One World Romania, 2014 - Interviu cu Claudiu Mitcu

de Veioza Arte

- regizor Reteaua - In Romania, bolnavii de cancer nu pot beneficia de medicamente citostatice nici gratuit, asa cum prevede...

One World Romania, 2014 - Interviu cu Matei Budeș

de Veioza Arte

- regizor Toamna Romaneasca - Toamna trecuta, romanii au iesit in strada - in Romania si in afara ei - pentru a protesta...

One World Romania, 2014 - Interview with Marouan Omara & Bilgehan Ozis

de Veioza Arte

- director | producer of CROP - Shot entirely on location inside Egypt’s oldest and most important national daily,...

One World Romania, 2014 - Interview with Hasan Metehan Ozkan

de Veioza Arte

- producer of My Child - My Child presents an inspiring group of Turkish parents of LGBT individuals, who have gone through...

One World Romania, 2014 - Interview with Petr Sourek

de Veioza Arte

- CEO of Corrupt Tour - Corrupt Tour is the first corruption specialist tour company in the world. The corruption tourism...

One World Romania, 2014 - Interview with Dominic Dowbekin

de Veioza Arte

- associate producer "Here be dragons" “It is in Europe but it’s hard to get to. I’ve seen some films made about...

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