CinePOLSKA – filme poloneze la București
PEOPLE OF ROMANIA se lansează la galeria Simeza
All Stars For Outernational
La drum cu tata, un road movie plin de candoare, din 3 februarie în cinematografe
Made in RO - Târg de design românesc, ediția #8

Indieair #5

de rufi  |  29 aprilie, 2011

makunouchi bento
In 2001, Waka X and Qewza set the foundation for the Makunouchi Bento experimental project (ìlunchboxî, in Japanese). While one of them is strongly influenced by IDM, the other one has a fetish for primitive computing ñ spectrum, c64, amiga, atari. Their lunchbox can hold all musical styles and genres and every possible experiment or clichÈ. With or without rhythm, with or without noise, the guys from Makunouchi Bento process organic sound until it surprises. They transplant old and catchy cliches into exotic contexts. Their focus of their music is on how different elements follow one another to sustain a party to its peak. Repetition is key, and syncopated beats are there to back that up. Waka X and Qewza are also the founders of one of the first electronic festival in Romania, TM Base, that reached itís 10th edition this year. Theyíve been releasing since 2002, on several netlabels and you can find and download their music for free, on the internet, with a Creative Commons license.

a multimedia artist,founding member of Nu & Apa Neagra

The SHANYIO project is mainly a side project. also a founding member of Nu & Apa Neagra group, member of Oriental Experience Project and a few virtual collaborations.



Bodo si Nek vs Etherwood - Am o sete vs Souls apart (Matze mash-up)

de matze

manele reshapate

Adi de la Vâlcea vs MuffoxPsycho Crooks - Schimbă-ți domiciliul oxygen (Matze mash up)

de matze

Happy Dragobete!

Brazilianu vs Arklove & Ez Breaks - Cerul fara stele You & Me (Matze mash-up)

de matze

Happy Dragobete!

Florinel si Ioana versus Breach [Calibre remix] - Deas putea sa cunpar ani jack [MATZE MASH-UP]

de matze

Cadou de Anul Nou de la Moșul intergalactic.  

Indieair #12

de rufi

trei laol'alt? Irinel Anghel - Night blooming voices (w. Sorin Romanescu) Diana Rotaru - Enter no silence (w. Irina Ungureanu)...

Ctrl Alt Delo Delo

de matze

matze mash-up mix   .  .   

Guta si Daniela vs Bar9 - minti@midnight [matze mash-up]

de matze

  >> extras de pe albumul Poxipop, 2013, by matze << Guta si Daniela vs Bar9 - minti@midnight [matze mash-up]   ...

Tamango feat. matze - HaHaHa, 2012 remix

de matze

juma de ceas #6 - TV

de sczzr

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